Founder of Black Hive Consulting, Doug Shannon is a leader in business operations and real estate systems.

Years of real estate sales, management and operational roles in Australia and overseas, alongside opening and developing a large and successful agency practice in Perth has provided Doug the ideal skills and experience to help others influence the success of their business.


Doug specialises in real estate systems and understands their value in delivering efficiency, consistency, great service, scale and profit. His first–hand experience of residential real estate – particularly the challenges and achievements – are applied when building and implementing tools, strategies, management plans and systems so businesses can thrive during tough markets, growth or change.

Building an Agency

Broad Exposure & Balance


See how other businesses have used and combined Black Hive's unique expertise to increase efficiency, maximise client satisfaction and gain advantage in the industry.

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"Doug’s understanding of property management and service delivery, his writing style and ability to convey detailed or complex elements to clients in a simple way is exceptional.”

- Daniel Ganon, Deximal Property Services

Project: Property Management Suite

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