Black Hive offers bespoke Infrastructure Suites including systems, documentation, tools and strategic plans to optimise business operations or for specific business purposes.

Black Hive uses effective real estate systems and operational principals to creates customised Infrastructure Suites. Our Suites provide a platform for your team to deliver products or services (internally or to clients) and are based on your specific requirements. Their scope ranges significantly depending on your team and technology, location, resources and specific requests.

What makes up an Infrastructure Suite?

Consistent, Predictable and Accountable 

Virtual Assistants or 3rd Party Access


See how other businesses have used and combined Black Hive's unique expertise to increase efficiency, maximise client satisfaction and gain advantage in the industry.

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"Doug’s understanding of property management and service delivery, his writing style and ability to convey detailed or complex elements to clients in a simple way is exceptional.”

- Daniel Ganon, Deximal Property Services

Project: Property Management Suite

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