Finding the best buyer, then maximising the number of managements transferred (and paid for) are the goals when selling a rent roll. Likewise, receiving clean and compliant managements is the goal when buying.

Facilitating a Rent Roll Transaction

Distinct from finding and negotiating price, terms and obligations with a Buyer, facilitating a rent roll transaction focusses on maximising the transfer of managements. For Sellers needing a high conversion rate, an effective facilitation process is typically more onerous than they expect. As such, we’ve created a step-by-step process, including comprehensive guide, checklists, templates and tools to ensure both Buyer and Seller get the best outcome.

Buying or Selling a Rent Roll or Business

Losing Managements is expensive, as is acquiring ‘unsuitable’ or non–compliant Managements. Whether you’re buying or selling a rent roll or business, it’s critical to do it right. Black Hive provides an exceptional Transaction services to maximise returns and mitigate risk, along with practical guides, documents and tools for your business throughout the process.



Facilitating the Deal

To get more information about the options of our Transaction service and how we help whether you’re a Buyer of Seller, contact us today.


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"Doug’s understanding of property management and service delivery, his writing style and ability to convey detailed or complex elements to clients in a simple way is exceptional.”

- Daniel Ganon, Deximal Property Services

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